The training programs designed at Push the Ground Away are unique, created for specific individuals. As exercise that is right for you, may not be so right for another. In our first consultation I will assess you using the Functional Movement System (FMS).The FMS is a system developed by Gray Cook to check how you can perform key movements like the functional leg patterns of squats, hurdle, or lunge. As well as the fundamental patterns of reach, flex, extend, and rotate.  What makes the FMS useful as an assessment tool is that it tests left and right independently in most of the movements.

Running man consisting of lots of dots

Acceptable screen ~ ready for activity
Unacceptable screen ~ at risk of injury, unless movement patterns are cleared up
Pain with screen~ needs to see a clinician, preferably an SFMA qualified practitioner

The FMS assessment also will allow me to see how you move. From there I can identify and remove movements or activities that may injure. I want you to move correctly and the FMS enables this, so I can design a program just for you. I enjoy taking my training sessions outdoors as I believe this can make you more in tune with yourself, both in body and mind. My approach to fitness may be a little different to the services other personal trainers may offer.

I believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to training, there is sacrifice involved to achieve long term goals.

It is not always going to be easy, and there will be days when you will want to give up. My promise to you is that I will do my upmost to motivate and guide you through those times. If your idea of training is switch off, chill out or be in a different mind space, then these training sessions are not going to work. I will need 100% commitment in the activities that I will offer for you.

So whether you have chosen to undertake personal training as you want to change yourself / your life or due to health, I would be delighted to take you through your journey.